Bippity Alice
Handmade Accoutrements for Babies, Children, and Grownups
Bedecked? Be Bippity!
Welcome to Bippity Alice. My line of items for children and other human beings is not quite typical, and you just might like it.
First, there's the Bippity Bib, my original product, a reversible quilted bib-that-turns-into-an-apron. Although it's possible to get through childhood without one, it would be preferable to have several. I also make changing mats, blankets, baby yoga mats and a set of unique padded cloth books developed to stimulate and comfort the very youngest of infant observers.
The 100% cotton fabrics for the quilted items and Bippity Books have been selected over a stretch of several years by an extremely picky person (me). The textile designs are charming, striking, colorful, subtle, bold, intriguing, as the case may be. What they are not is ordinary, predictable, or fad-driven.
Bippity Alice products originated because of two things: first, I realized that such-and-such an item would be mighty handy in raising my own son, Thorin. Second, I figured out that such-and-such an item apparently did not exist on the market. So, as I envisioned each useful and handsome Bippity, I was forced to make it myself! (Been sewing since age ten.)
Then it so happened that as I used the items I'd made for Thorin, family members and friends (and strangers in restaurants and public parks) began to ask about the various Bippities. I admit that the assorted parents, grandparents and great aunts proceeded to wheedle me a bit, and not without results. After giving away the first few dozen, I had an idea and here you have it: Bippity Alice.
Bippity Alice